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is a hetalia pedophile
People's Republic of China
i likE YAoI
i ish 4'7 : P
i liek manga/anime
i liek video games
i liek drawing and coloring sometimes!
i liek chocolatE!
i liek domo!
i liek da color blue and green and black!
i rawr joo!
i liek pocky!
i liek joo!
i bite!
i poke!
i liek sleeping~!

Favourite genre of music: Rock!POp!J-rock pop,alt. rock
MP3 player of choice: irickandroll
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Uranus,Buttercup,Misty,ALLEN from d.g.m,Edward fma
Personal Quote: hugs r drugs
Hey,again I'm back to spam your inbox with senseless things I want to share with the world!

Man, I always get writer's block when I try to do stuff like this ._. like during the day I'm thinking about what I could talk about but when I start pushing the letters on this keyboard they stop after a few words and I kinda freeze....

Oh well I'll just get it over with and here's my daily dose of life

We live in such a materialistic world why don't we put them to use? I'm always a odd ball whenever I buy my products I always check the nutrition chart (how much calories,sugar,calcium n stuff so interesting to know)before I buy anything knowing what I will be eating is good right? I just don't understand why some times factories/companies put so much chemical in a simple poptart it makes me so mad I swear what they are selling out to people not knowing what they are to expose to eat. One reason why America is so goddamn fat I'm sorry and we know its true. I would protest these kind of waste to be mix into food and to be put on shelf.

.....I think I got kinda off topic I actually wanted to talk about the little messages or summary of what they put on the product.Y'know like those things that says" Our milk are from cows not treated rhs....etc.etc" They're so neat to look at when you're bored or enjoying whatever that you're eating/doing. I remember back in the days I'll be watching Saturday morning cartoons,eating my bowl of cereal and while the commercials were on I look at the box for the neat things they put in the back :D Thanks ppl who waste their time reading this and for putting stuff like that on products.I'm the kind of person who notices the smallest detail that no one seems to care about....well i did back then I don't know what happen to me now ._.;

It's enjoyable to read them =w=

Oh,btw does anybody know how to recover lost corrupted files from a memory card ?

n OH  please tell me one of your small experiences with daily life :) I be glad to hear them

Thanks for reading or coming by my page @_@ I really appreciate  it  

p.s I miss talking to everyone since i've been idle for 2 years now I guess I'm latent.WELL! >_< I gotta make everyone notice me again n let them know I'm still here n alive!! other than school ruining my internet laifu lol
  • Listening to: Big Big World -Emilia
  • Reading: Hoping to hv time to read BAKUMAN

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Thank you so much for your favorite on [link] I'm so sorry if you have received a similar message before, its taken me a long time to get through to say thank you to everyone, sometimes i lose track >.<. If you have some free time please consider to take a look through the rest of my gallery as well If you like some of my work (many more baxter kitten pictures!!!) please consider watching me or checking out my facebook page [link] Feel free to send me the link to your FB as-well, if you have one and I will make sure to return the favor Thank you so much! I really appreciate it <3
bianca269 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2011
been a while !! :)
hows everything going ^^ ?
btw love the drawings!
still playing RO?
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oh man it has been
>_>; I haven't uploaded anything? n I love your new style : D

bianca269 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
about the same, school takes up a lot of my time !
thank youuu <3

we should start playing again, if your ever up for it :) getting free items with woman power is oh so awesome :P
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